Restaurant decorated in chic style.



After that, walk to before reaching the cement bridge Will find this shop as a souvenir shop and tea, coffee, very stumbling atmosphere Located by the water



When walking up to the bridge There is a restaurant decorated in chic style.



Hia Khun Coffee Shop Another old shop of Ban Mai market.



Stop for lunch at Aunt Nu restaurant Famous restaurant Located by the water, the food is good.



Already full, then walk to browse, buy delicious food Go back to eat at home.


เดินจนเกือบสุดปลายตลาด จะเจอร้านกาแฟชื่อดัง  Red cat café   ร้านกาแฟเล็กๆ ตกแต่งน่ารัก  เหมาะแก่การนั่งพักสบายๆหลังจากเดินตระเวนซื้อของจนเริ่มเมื่อย  ด้านหน้ามีตุ๊กตาแมวสีดำและแดง นั่งรอต้อนรับ


Boat Noodle Bowl Per Bowl Classic atmosphere


Walking into the middle of the market is a coffee shop. The old coffee shop of Baan Mai market How many times the house is still the same, unchanged.




Tourist Center, Ban Mai Market Which we are able to sit and chat and ask about the history of this market After walking tired, come to sit and rest. Take photos with the old atmosphere.


Ban Mai market, strolling, shopping for delicious food

Ban Mai market is located in Ban Mai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chachoengsao Province. Is an old market more than 100 years old. It is a Chinese community of Chinese descent. As well as being an important exchange point for Chachoengsao products With dwellings adjacent to the water As time went by, the importance of this waterfront market still exists today. Is a collection of delicious food of Paetrew Both sweet and savory dishes Local food that is hard to find Is a collection of souvenirs that must be purchased as souvenirs before returning home



The new home market is only open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. From 08:30 am – 17:00 pm when arriving in front of the market if bringing a private car You can park your car in front of which there are parking lots. Most of the parking fee is 20 baht per car throughout the day. Then walk across the road to Ban Mai market. The atmosphere in the market still preserves the old and classic of wooden houses. Along both sides of the road there are shops selling snacks, food and souvenirs. It is called shopping and eating until it is enjoyable.