Koh Mak Trat Seaview Health Line

Have a good health?

Koh Mak is another beautiful sea in the Gulf of Thailand. Not far from Bangkok. Can travel both ways. And plane The atmosphere is very quiet. Can swim to swim. Or dive under the rich coral under the sea. I do not have to wait for my mind to get it.

Great Peak! For health lovers of all ages, because the Tourism Authority of Thailand will invite you to escape the chaos of the city. Join the Yoga Escape, a special activity for those who are passionate about yoga. It is practiced in the atmosphere of the beautiful sky, sea and beautiful atmosphere of Koh Mak to make the body and mind fresh. Have fun

Yoga is a popular exercise is not less. Even if you have a lot of young people, the ability to love yoga is a spiritual life. Come to practice yoga. With teacher Top Yoga instructors in the country The couple will invite you to practice yoga together on the beach of Koh Mak. Just think, it’s fun.

In addition, they also learned about eating in a healthy way. By Chef Shepherd and Chef From the master chef list Both of them will cook fresh, healthy and valuable food and watch closely. You can also taste the local food of the Koh Mak community.

Have eaten to taste it. There are activities to learn the lifestyle of Koh Mak people. Experience the cute DIY. There is a mini concert under the stars of Crescent Jars and Rose Sirintip. You will be lulled to the romantic atmosphere of Koh Mak. This tour of Thailand is free! No charge From 8th to 9th September, 2561, at Koh Mak, Trat, who missed it.

Then meet at Koh Mak, Trat.

Traveling in “Nan” hip, coffee, watching the stars, lying tent.

I do not think so.
I do not know what to do with you. Is there a fascinating charm to it? This is the first time I have ever seen this movie. Because of Nan Province, Moo Hao has all the flavors that are not lost in other provinces, but that would be where it is. Come on, let’s go!

Day 1
Landing plane to Nan Nan Airport Or simply called “Nan Airport”, then travel to the first coordinates. Art Gallery of Nan The attraction of the commitment of Mr. Winai Khabrip Nan artists. Want to create your own homeland as a truly artistic city with hospitable studios. And gallery building This is a 2 storey building with a total area of ​​13 rai. Open every Wednesday – Sunday. And public holidays
Within the Nan Rim Gallery, this collection of artwork by contemporary Thai artists with creative works. And the unique style is unique. By organizing annual exhibitions in semi-permanent format. There are about 200 works of sculpture and sculpture.
Art Gallery of Nan
Address: 122 Moo 2, Nan-Tung Chang Road, Tambon Bo, Amphoe Mueang, Nan
Phone: 054798046, 0819892912
Open to visitors every Wednesday – Sunday. And the public day at 10.00-17.30.

Then continue for about half an hour. To pay homage to the sacred blessings. Wat Phra That Khao Noi The relics are located on the top of the mountain on the west side of Nan town. It is an important and ancient place. The pagoda is made of brick. Blending Burmese and Lanna arts It is assumed that they are close to the dry relics.
The front of the naga 303 steps on the top of the hill overlooking the city of Nan and dry relics are clearly. And with this temple located on the high mountain, it becomes one of the beautiful views of the north.
Wat Phra That Khao Noi
Address: Baan Khao Noi, Tambon Nam Du, Amphoe Mueang Nan, Nan

View my complete profile Good luck! Nan coffee shop hidden in the Soi. Atmosphere with little trees. Corner angle is divided into 2 floors, can sit comfortably in front of the river in front.
During lunch time here is a chill cafe. Take a wooden stroll. In the evening, you will have a small party atmosphere. The menu is mostly homemade. And drinks that are available to enjoy the taste is not at all.
Address: 110 Moo 2, Saeng Dao Road, Nan, Mae Rim, Nan
Open daily from 08:30 to 23:00.
Phone: 0869956545

Eat, start to sleep. The night before the break, check in at the cliff. Sleeping bags, sleeping bags, sleeping pillows, and tents. If you come in the winter, you can see the mist from the cliff. And when the fog fades. You will see the winding river at the end of the forest.
Address: Si Nan National Park, Na Noi, Nan
Phone: 054521127

Day 2
The new day near the same cliff is about 4 kilometers to Doi always stars. Another place to watch the sunrise in the morning in the beautiful mist. Located in the National Park. The area is ruled by a ridge. Can tent To see the stars to watch the sea. And on the mountain is cool weather throughout the year.
For those who are going to this period. The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department has ordered the closure of tourist attractions and overnight stays. In Sri Nan National Park (Lan Lan Camping Area, Doi Chang Dao and Pha Hua Sing) from March 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, so that tourist attractions and nature recover. Visitors can also visit the normal time in the office hours from 06:00 to 16:30.
For reservations, please call 0988032872 or reserve your villa at www.dnp.go.th
For a tent Doi Tung and Pha Sing Hua The tent will open again on October 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019.

That’s the end of the trip. Nam Nao Noi (Hug Jom) and Tigers It is not a place to visit. Located on the west side of Sri Nan National Park. The shape is a pillar of strange shape similar to “ghost town goat” in Phrae Province. The sediment from the sediment slides up from the surface. It is assumed that the soil is about 30,000-10,000 years old ever.
Nam Nao Noi (Hug Jom) and Tigers
Location: Chiang Mai
Open daily from 07:00 to 17:00.
Phone: 05452 1127

Koh Tao to Koh Phangan

After visiting Koh Tao, I decided to go to Koh Phangan because of the nearby Koh Tao. I heard that there are many things happening in Koh Phangan. And I’m looking forward to visiting this station with the Lomprayah Ferry Company.

My journey was as follows:

1. Check in at Mae Haad Pier
2. Take the ferry
3. Arrive at Thong Sala Pier.
1. Check in at Mae Haad Pier
My ticket was made for Lomprayah’s Ferry. I arrived at the docks about half an hour earlier than scheduled. I changed the ticket that was printed out of the computer system. The counter and staff gave me a sticker. It’s important to stick with it because employees will know we are headed by the Leprechauns of the stickers.

2. Take the ferry
The counter staff will let me know. We may have to wait at the door until the boat arrives. When the ferry finally arrives, the passengers are taken care to board the ferry. While the luggage was collected. Ferry seating is free. When I looked around, I noticed that the ferry had a TV, a toilet and a life jacket. In case of an emergency, the time between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan is approximately one and a half hours.

3. Arrive Thongsala Pier
After arriving at Thong Sala Pier in Koh Phangan, do not forget to bring your luggage to the pier. For passengers booking tickets, passengers can leave directly there. For those who do not plan, you may use the tuk-tuk (tricycle) service after you walk to the main entrance. Walking distance is about 10 minutes. At the same time, if you have any information you need. Can be obtained at the Lomprayah counter on the left. As you walk to the entrance.

Travel Khao Kho – Phetchabun by car tour Khao Kho. Phetchabun Tour Khaokho

Tour Guide Khao Kho The contractor up PhuBubb PhuPabPub Phu Hin Ronglang Phu Phlom car up the cliffs hidden glass.
Two cars up Khao Kho. The second bus to Phu Kradui by tour team Khaokho.
Please contact the car. 090-4544676 083-6268083 (you wish), the line absorbra
Please call 087-5741548 (Khun Kwang)
Contact via page www.facebook.com/khaokho.phutubberk
Contact via page www.facebook.com/tour.khaokho
Or click on this link. http://line.me/ti/p/lxXHl51gR9 https://line.me/R/ti/p/@fow6

Khao Kho Phetchabun Tour Review – Winter Tour Team Khaokho (Khun Prasarn)

“Travel the sea in the rainy season” Mist overflowing rainforest in the wild, lush green forest, cool weather.
The Khao Kho and Phu Tup Lap is a beautiful scene. People do not know that. Rain is a period.
Fog View Profile What is the rain? I will be fascinated. Natural touch
Traveling In Khao Kho, Phetchabun and Phu Hin Rong Kla. For those who do not bring a private car. Service is required.
Minibus in area We have a different point of travel. In this program to read and see the atmosphere here.
Phu Tupab is the highest peak in Phetchabun Province, with an elevation of 1,768 meters above sea level.
Most of Phetchabun Fresh air. Cold weather throughout the year. Includes step-by-step farming career.
At the foot of the hill in the late winter. The cabbage farm on two sides to the beautiful backpack.
At this point, the viewpoint is a temperature tower. A courtyard for tourists to take a photo. This point is the highest point of the bottom here.
It is a tent camping. Of Phuppipat Enterprises Both houses and tents.
Shooting point on the deck of the room. It’s a panoramic view. And see the sea clearly. Rim Pae Resort
2. Khao Takiab Cabbage Farm One of Thailand. Because of the mountainous terrain. And with air.
Cold all year It is suitable for growing cabbage. The cabbage at Phu Tup Lap will be shipped nationwide. Recommended dishes are “Stir Fried Cabbage with Fish Sauce”
In addition, cabbage is also available. Green cabbage Everyone has eaten at the pork pan. The vegetables are fried and boiled.
I do not know. Here too, planted as much. With cabbage farm
3. View point of the sky only. High Hill is located on the edge of the cliffs. On the main road before Phetchabue.
Here is a 360 degree view overlooking the sea. And another beautiful sunset. If the sky is clear.
It can see the temple of Pha Kae. And wind turbine field far.
The blue sky point just below the ground to have a different viewpoints. Let’s take a picture with each other, we can see the way.
The fog is almost everywhere. The fog in the morning will be blown throughout the day, some days to faint. Because of fog.
This is the place to see the curve of the road number 3 is a parking spot with a gazebo.
4. Phu Pha Tup Dam It is a place to practice meditation. The villagers built a building in 1991.
The area of ​​the temple is covered with forest and the atmosphere is cold throughout the year. And it is a place.
It is a place to receive the blue water to take up the King of the Buddha to make water Buddha.
The Great Anniversary of HM the King’s 6th Birthday Anniversary in 1999
5. Strawberries (December – February) In the rainy season there are not many strawberries for sale, but the review.
For those who come in the winter. It will have strawberries to keep the price 300-400 baht a very large and sweet.
Fresh from the farm. Between two ways On the way to Phetchabun will have strawberry plantation all the way to it.
The 80’s sweet and fragrant crispy selection of red balls, it is sweet, juicy, dark green, small, green, still raw to leave.
Walking in the groove is careful. With me I’m going to step on the garden.
6. Phu Pha Rong, the highest point of view in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. If you come to Phetchabun will have to pass.
Phu Pan horse course. Here is a sunrise view point. The sunset is clear. Surrounded by scenic views.
Impressed by morning mist during the rainy season and winter.
The 2nd day
Traveling in Khao Kho District There are many attractions.
1. Phra That Pha Pha Kaew The place is a beautiful landscape. This is called a hidden rock.
The mountain is high. Nestled in the mountains around the pavilion. And on the top of the tower there is a cave.
On the tip of the hill And the Buddhist temple located in the area surrounded by the so-called “Buddha Dharma hidden cliffs”
To auspicious to the villagers on the red. And the followers of the practice.
2. Coffee Shop Pino Latte Resort & Café is located on 12th Street, next to PT Station.
Then go to the alley, then drive up to him. Almost at the end of the street, you will see a coffee shop located far away.
On the other side, you will see Wat Phra That Pha Kae. It is a very good coffee.
3. Khao Kho Windmill Field Drive to the wind turbine. Hilltribe crops Take a scenic view of Staubury Park.
It features a restaurant, a restaurant, a restaurant and a car service.
During this time, purple flowers on Verkhoy village were blooming beautifully at Khao Kho windmill field. Important fields of flowers in Verbena.
It is a rare winter flower in Thailand. This rainy season keeps your bag out of the air for a fresh, natural sensation.
He’s better than me. Watch the atmosphere to describe the field of flowers, flowers and flowers in beautiful scenery.
The power in life offline.
4. Khao Kho Post Office It is one of the most popular scenic spots on Khao Kho. The angle is visible.
The beautiful winter morning mist. And the surrounding area also has a photo walk. The Strawberry Park The bottom can walk.
Have a nice photo and have a shop. Service is on the side.
During the festive season at the Khao Kho post office. It is quite bustier than other sea view fog. It became a gathering place with tourists.
Dense, there are little food shops, clothing stores. Many souvenir shops in this area. The convenience store is also nearby.
And near the Golden Jubilee. Another important tourist attraction of Khao Kho. The view point Khao Kho attractive.
One of the most pleasant spots.
5. He Taki Ngop Located in Tambon Nong Mae Na Khao Kho, Phetchabun. The most beautiful viewpoint.
Another place on Khao Kho where you can watch the 360 ​​degree fog in the sunrise with the sunrise in the morning.
From the scenic point of Khao Takian Ngorng, overlooking the beautiful mountain in front of his grandfather, his grandmother shaped like a volcano Fuji.
Include the forest of Khao Kho and the road stretching to the view point below.
Khao Takian Located along the highway 2258 from the intersection Ruenrudee (Sappo Pong), drive to Pratumnak Hill, Khao Kho to Thung Salaeng Luang.
Important on Khao Takian can bring up the car.
If anyone wants to rent a tent that is misty on him, he would have to be. Here he has a private tent. Or maybe a tent.
Prepare food for yourself. Bathrooms and showers are available. On the shelter. No restaurant But morning is selling coffee mama.
6. Watch the sunrise and see the mist as beautiful as the dream to the temple is very beautiful.
Have not seen the sea in the rainy season. There will be time to visit each other. I have to go with it. But guarantee that.
If you come to see the fog. I must be stunned in the course. Because the image is not in front of anything with a dream image for the people.
I want to see the beauty of the fog ridiculous this morning should come together since six o’clock, it will be very good.
Scenic view of the temple. Located near the International Library. Along the way up to visit Khao Kho Memorial. Route 2196 is the point.
See the mist in the east. Along with the orange light of the sun. The fog in this point is quite difficult. Must have in the day
Cold and no wind, but only when the sea is foggy and beautiful. The fog is in the middle of the hill.
The complex is high with a large tree as the front. And painted with orange light of the sun. The backdrop is a large orange sun.
Mist in the temple is often found in the late winter rain. In the absence of wind.

Phu Kradueng

“Phu Kradueng” or “Phu Kradueng National Park”

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ ภูกระดึง
The Phu Kradueng. The waterfall passes through the forest along the way. Real Adventures I will find that in the drama. If you do not believe, try to follow. Peugeot Sure, you will not be disappointed, very fun and see what is really natural, if you are ready to follow the wolves on the mountain to do better.

May is considered early rainy season of Phu Kradueng. So it will be natural, fresh and green to see each other. The tourists in this period is very little, it does not have to be busy. It is quite suitable for relaxation.

There are 3 ways to travel to Phu Kradueng.
1. Travel by car.

1.1 Travel through Saraburi, Phetchabun, Lomsak, Lomsak, Dan Sai, Phu Ruea and Amphoe Mueang Loei. Turn right into Highway 201 – Khon Kaen, then turn into Provincial Highway No. 2019 into the Phu Kradueng National Park.

1.2 Use the route through Saraburi. Nakhon Ratchasima Province to Khon Kaen. Turn left to National Highway No. 201 through Phu Pha Phrao District and pass Pha Phan. Entrance to Phu Kradueng National Park.

1.3 Travel through Turn left to National Highway No. 201 through Chaiyaphum Province, Phu Khiao District and turn left to Highway No. 12 through Chum Phae District. After that, it travels the same way as Route 2.

2. Bus

Travel by bus Take the bus at Northeastern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2), Bangkok – Loei City. Phu Kradueng Bus Station And the second line to the park Phukradueng. Contact information bus at. Tel. 0-2936-2852-66 Fare

1. Air-conditioned VIP 24 seats. Price 590 บาท

2. Air-conditioned VIP 32 seats. Price 449 บาท

3. Air-conditioned car, 1st class. Price 258 บาท

4. Air Conditioner 2nd Floor Price 280 Baht

When the car at the cliff. The car from the cliff. It will cost about 30 baht per person for Phu Kradueng National Park.

3. Travel by train

Train travel Take the train at Hua Lamphong train station to Khon Kaen train station. By bus Khon Kaen – Loei, it will be Phu Kradueng district and then two cars to the Phu Kradueng National Park.

Joint Adventure

Wake up to the sunrise – Bagan, Burma (Completed in February 2017)
Lost in New Town – Jiufen, Taiwan (Completed in February 2017)
Stop Bus – Busan, South Korea (Completed June 2017)
Try something new – Taipei, Taiwan (completed January 2017)
Unplugged for 24 hours – Halong Bay, Vietnam (Completed May 2017)
This year I hope at least 7 out of 10 of my decisions are out!

The word will live in the year. 2561
“Today I choose happiness” in my life every year, ending in number “8” is a very good year for me, which is why this year’s mantra is about positivity, joy and happiness. For those who know about struggling with my anxiety, I choose to be happy each day. 2017 is the year of recognition, recognition, and awareness of weakness. I remind myself softly that “I can do anything. But not everything.

2018 Adventure Solving

This is the answer to the adventure of the year. 2561!
2018 Next Adventure Resolution Somewhere

Being a counting country and its pride – hitting fifty countries is a huuuuuge step for me, and one I’ve been eyeing since 2014. Four years later, the ticket was acquired. I will check off this goal in Lithuania. Of all places! One thing I have read about Lithuanians is that they are fond of air and Vilnius is one of the largest capitals in the world where you can fly hot air balloons over the city. The reason is since Lithuania has the highest population in hot air balloon per citizen. If you are curious, this unique sightseeing experience starts at US $ 150. Get over the old town for over an hour.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
When: April 2018

Credit to Russia Tour
Little things: Lithuanian book traders are regarded as heroes. Credit to Russia Tour

2. SWING by the Golden Gate
From the spots in the United States, a single swing overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most accepted. The smallest corner of the world is Kirby Cove, and while not the only swing near the Golden Gate Bridge Most Popular Traveling there is more climbing up and downstream, so it’s not the easiest place to get. But the shot makes the hike worth it!

Location: San Francisco, California, United States
On: February 2018

2018 Adventures of Frida Kahlo Museum
Kirby Cove swing set is not a swing. But the most popular! Credit Katie St John Blog

Tapas are so popular in Spain that they have real verbs for tapaer activities, which means “go to tapas” before heading to Spain. I think tapas means just serving small. It is surprising that Tapas is a kind person, nibbles from montados (canapes) to revueltos (raspberries) to raciones (small portions of large entrees) and conservas (food preserved in cans). 1/5/18: I’m hardcore “tapeo-d” around Barcelona, ​​all thanks to my lovely employer who rents the Mercat Princesa restaurant for a colleague. Me and me on the go. Our job is to allow us to try an infinite number of tapas for free. Needless to say, I have left Spain a little soft around the edges. But glad to understand the art of tapaer.

Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain
When: January 2018

2018 Explanation of the Tapas Crawl Spain Adventure
Tapas is a bite-sized food of Spanish cuisine. Credit Telegraph UK

4. Move to BEAT of FLAMENCO
When I think of Spain, I think of flamenco, dance and paella, and my two priorities in Madrid are: 1) Learn the secrets to making Paella and 2) Watch the Flamenco show. Flamenco is a four part production consisting of baile (dancing) , toque (guitar), cante (singing) and palmas (handclapping). There are also a lot of handshakes and cheers that happen. 1/6/18: My friend Madrileno. Tickets for me to Teatro Madrid are in the Malasana district, where You come early enough, you get to sit in the front of this small theate.

Things To Do in Munich, Germany

When you ask someone “Have you ever been to Munich, Germany?” You will hear “no” or “Yes, I went there to celebrate the Oktoberfest. I had a lot of beer and I ate sausages every day. “Yes, Munich is well known for its world-famous work, attracting up to six million people annually from around the world. This festival should be fun and a good experience, we can not deny it. But Munich offers many more and more experiences than drinking during the Oktoberfest. You may notice that you go to Munich with plenty of green space and gardens in the city. (English Garden Olympiapark …) You will see villagers who go there to spend time with family, friends … to be happy and have a good time. You will notice people cycling whenever they want to go somewhere. They are in all places and there are bicycle routes within the city. The distance is 900 kilometers (560 miles). Green bike area … Then what in Munich? Take a look at the top five things to do in Munich!

blog1 next to the city view at St. Peter’s Church
The best way to view the city center. Munich: Climb the rooftop of St. Peter’s Church! This church is located on the Marienplatz in the heart of the city. All you have to do is pay three euros to get to the top. Oh … and climb the 306 ladder waiting for you! Yes, this church is 650 years old, so there is no elevator. We hope your legs are ready! Get yourself back at the top. You will be given the opportunity to see the old town and the town hall. We recommend you go there in the morning no later than 11:30 am. Why? Because of this church is what most tourists want to do in Munich and it is crowded. If you get there in the afternoon, you’ll have to wait for tickets to go up … and the place will be crowded during the 200 shots to take perfect pictures. People … it will be impossible for you to get a good image and move on.

Where? Rindermarkt 1, 80331 München, Germany
Business hours: Summer – Monday through Friday, 9am to 6:30 pm Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10.00 am – 6.30 pm Winter – Monday to Friday between 9.00 am 5.30 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 10.00 am and 5.30 pm
Ticket price: Admission is 3 Euros.

Five things to do in Munich, Germany St. Peter’s Church
Pavilion from the roof of St. Peter’s Church Credits Roobems Fils

2. Go to Munich Residenz
Unmissable in the City Residence Munich! From outside, it looks like an ordinary building, nothing special … this is just outside! This is the largest palace in Germany with 10 patios and 130 rooms. It was first built in the castle in the 14th century and then became a residence of the Wittelsbach family (the royal family). Unfortunately, this beautiful residence was severely damaged during World War II. But they began to recover immediately after the end of the war, and as I said, this place is huge! So it took almost 60 years from 1945 to 2003 to restore! Take at least two hours to visit this wonderful residence. And do not forget to walk around the beautiful Hofgarten.

Where? Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München, Germany
Open daily except public holidays. From April to October: 9am – 6pm (last item: 5pm). From October to March: Daily from 10am – 5pm.
Ticket price: 7 Euro

Top 5 things to do in Munich Germany Munich Residence
Luxury Residence of the Munich Credit Roobens Fils

Top 5 things to do in Munich Germany Munich Residence
Munich Residence is the largest city palace in Germany. Credit Roobens Fils

3. See the flashy collection at the BMW Museum.
As you may have noticed in Munich, there are many great cars. Just walk around and you’ll see a sleek, sporty, shiny new car. Porsche, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz … they are everywhere! So you have to wonder. “Why go to the BMW Museum when I can see good cars on the road for free?” This is an opportunity to get a more intimate look into the history of the BMW Group and of course see the BMWs as well. Still

Things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Your trip to Costa Rica means you will be traveling to a destination known as an endless summer.
Put your light pants and do not forget your slippers. There is enough time to visit Jaco, Costa Rica. If you decide to go in the rainy season (September, October, November), then you can enjoy the mild temperatures. Sunlight in the morning with the possibility of rain. Some serious in the evening. Save money by taking advantage of low-cost accommodation during low season. If you come in the summer, starting in December, you can enjoy a wide-ranging party experience with two very beautiful sun-drenched squares. When visiting Costa Rica, “pura vida” You will hear today, and the words that describe the senses in Jaco perfectly. I would recommend spending 4 days or more in the area. There are tons to see and do in Jaco, Costa Rica. Let’s take a look at the top five.

blog1 next mountain hike mirador
One of the best attractions in Jaco is the Mount Mirador. The word mirador translates to see the spot or the watch and what is the amazing view. The view is just one part of what makes this evening a hike. At the top of the mountain are abandoned boutique hotels. Construction was completed only halfway when the license was pulled and the owner died shortly thereafter. Since then, the streets have been open to the public and enjoy the scenery. Graffiti artists have handled their buildings and their art is breathtaking. You can easily walk from downtown Jaco or even drive if you have a wheelchair.

Get there: To head south on Jaco on Costanera Hwy, a little Jaco Ropes, you will see a gas station. Head to the opposite side of the gas station, have two roads, take the other side to the south, or the right if you are looking for a gas station. At its peak you will see Trillos Colorada hiking trails and mountains with wonderful views.

Five things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica Mirador Mountain
Look out at Jacob’s perfection from the abandoned balcony of the hotel.

2. Go surfing!
Jaco is a great place to learn how to play. You can rent a board priced at $ 15 to $ 25 a day and have plenty of places to study. If surfing is not your thing, you can try surfing or boating. The south end of the beach is ideal for beginners and the northern end is a wave with steep and fast closing speeds. If you are an expert then you should head south for a distance of 7.5 km to Playa Hermosa. It means “Beautiful Beach”, a beautiful black sand beach and a world-famous place for big waves. This is where great surfing tournaments take place in Costa Rica and there are local tournaments that take out the advantages every Saturday afternoon.

Five things to do in Jaco, Costa Rica Surfing
Jaco is one of the best places to surf and sand around the world. Credit goes to Costa Rica vacation.

3. Book many tours.
This area has many tours to enjoy. From relaxing rides or wildlife treks by quad way to rappelling down the falls or flying through the air in rope courses you will not lose for fun. Manuel Antonio is less than an hour south of where you can relax on a white sand beach with monkeys and dolphins. You can also go kayaking in the bay or the sea and fishing is amazing for those who want to catch dinner.

Five Things to Do in Jaco, Costa Rica Jaco Ropes Tour
Not afraid of height? Coincide with the epic rope trail for Jaco’s distinctive look! Jaco rope credit

4. Party like rock star
Jaco is well known for having a night life. It’s like a relaxing Las Vegas with bonuses on the beach, so it’s a popular place for bachelors and bachelors. The city also has great options for backpackers, so there are crowds who come to join the party in small towns so you can walk around and find the right environment for you.

Fun: Local people come out Friday and Saturday from San Jose to a night party.

Top Five

San Francisco: Things to do, see and eat.

48 Hours in San Francisco: Things to Watch Do not Eat
Welcome to the “Layovers” series, which is my motto for short stays! Is it 48 hours in San Francisco? All you need is a pair of trusted shoes and respirators to guide you to America’s greatest treasure. One San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco Zoo is one of San Francisco’s best-known museums and galleries.
Neighborhood: Mission District
Location: Tartine Bakery at 600 Guerrero Street, Fayes’ Video & Espresso Bar at 3614 18th Street, Mission Dolores Park at the intersection of Dolores and 19 Streets.
Conclusion: All other bakery sales

Tartine Bakery Bakery presents the James Beard Award for popular biscuits and fan favorites like Morning Bun, Pain au Chocolat and Banana Cream Tart. The crowd is in the morning but at 9am the line will leave the door and read the reading content simultaneously. Monday and Thursday are the busiest days like the weekend.

48 Hours in San Francisco Things To Do Watching Eat Fayes Coffee
If you’re lined up in the street, you’ll find Fayes videos and espresso bars and many of the publicly-held inventory, home, shelves, stationery, DVDs you can rent, and full roster. Of caffeine products, including some. Of the best coffee you’ve ever had. With your latte in hand, walk to the Dolores Missionary Park, where everyone and their dog will jump. Walk up the hill to see the beautiful skyline of San Francisco’s skyline.

48 Hours in San Francisco Things To Do, Watch, Eat Mission Dolores Park

MID-MORNING (9 – 11 am)
Location: Twin Peaks
SUMMARY: 360-degree view of the Bay Area

If you have a Twin Peaks car, the best spot in San Francisco is just 10 minutes away from Mission Dolores. Otherwise, get these impostors because you want to make your loan money. When the Spanish settlers arrived at the height of 922 feet, they called them “Los Pechos de la Choca”. The breasts of today’s Twin Peaks girls welcome tourists and lovers to set reasonable boundaries. Cross your fingers into a clear day, because when the fog rolls over, it gives an incomplete view. Rolling mist will give you the feeling of being in a real life timelapse and that’s pretty cool too.

48 hours in San Francisco What to do Watch out for Twin Peaks48 Hours in San Francisco What to do See Eat Twin Peaks

LUNCHTIME (12 – 12 pm)
Neighborhood: Castro
Venue: Indian Restaurant at 4001 18th St Cliff Variety at Castro Street 479 Cookies at 407 Castro Street Castro Theater at 429 Castro Street
Conclusion: Let your freaks fly.

You can not leave San Francisco without visiting Castro, a homosexual gay in the neighborhood of the United States. The rainbow is a poorly selected color pallet, as is the crime, and Harvey Milk is a local hero. There are many excellent restaurants for breakfast and food at Kasa Indian Eatery. They specialize in kathi rolls, rothi or naan bundles and stuffed with curry and chutneys. And black and white photos of India in everyday life to balance the vibration.

In the past, the area was formerly known as the Eureka Valley, but was renamed Castro after the main theater, which had its own Oscar-nominated romance nominated film for the storyline. Even Disney and R. Kelly singalongs the next door to the Castro Theater. Another interesting attraction is the well-known attraction for biscuits, with the shape of the genitals and the red line of skivvies outside. The Group is also near Cliff’s Variety Store and souvenirs you want to bring home and wigs used in case you need to tap your ego, your ego.

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Neighborhoods: Haight-Ashbury
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The classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is 45 km above 4 days to reach an altitude of 4200 meters as you walk down Inca Road and climb up the ancient Inca Stairs and through Dead Woman’s Pass. Enter into history while your view transforms from the magnificent backdrop of the mountains to the ancient ruins, a hallmark for many people’s journeys. With more tourists now having the opportunity to overcome physical hardship on a small journey, push yourself and the people around them up and through this tricky hike. But what happens when you’re in the mountains and dealing with Raynaud’s disease? What do you do to make sure you’re okay and how does it affect me?


What i packed
Smart wool socks many of them to switch everyday or if they get wet.
Merino wool base coat layer and base coat. (I used these to sleep at night in a tent)
2 pairs of acorn pants, which I sometimes class.
Gortex pants are expensive, but all kinds of frosts know that wetting makes things a lot worse and rains during my hike.
These lambs never look cute. But useful
Gortex Jacket
Merino wool gloves gloves I can wear these at camp when the weather is not cool and put it in my gloves when it becomes too cold.
Gloves (gloves, gloves fit to these as well)
Three buffs are the majority of body heat escaping through the head. I will have Raynaud’s trichotomy hat and real rosary.
Gortex shoes (dry and warm)
Mummy bags weigh down at -10 degrees Celsius (I get my MEC, but they can be bought from other strollers)
Put on a sleeping bag and put the heat. (3,800 camping will be cold)
Boots Boots Boots Boots Shoes Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots
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How does my Raynaud affect my journey?
I know that my four days on the Inca Trail will include some extreme temperatures and a little stress, so I try my best to be as ready as possible. The first day is easy, the sun shines, the altitude is not bad, the steep slope is not too high, and it is a special bonus that we do not have rain. I was able to pick up a T-shirt during the day and was satisfied with my night, even if it was a pleasure to have my own sleeping bag.

Picture 2

Day 2 is a very high day on the Inca route; Today is the longest day. I took a special socks in case my feet were wet, the floor was marino, Gortex pants and my favorite mittens jacket all went and went up the mountain. I found that as long as I kept pace, I felt better until at least lunch. After sitting for one hour for lunch, I felt cold in my hands and I added my furry fur gloves to my glove, which was an extra layer under my wool and scarf.


Some members of our group apparently contracted into the virus, which caused us to slow down today. My feet were numb and uncomfortable, causing me to leave the group and climb up, hoping to generate more heat, which would increase my internal temperature. As I climbed up the mountain, the temperature continued to drop. It was windy and rainy and I stopped to add another leg on my Gortex pants, which was a huge help because of the blockade. When it reached Dead Women’s at 4,200m, I decided to wait for the rest of the group. are This may not be the best idea for my condition. But I knew they were struggling and I wanted to go there to cheer on them while some started their first summit. I sat myself between two stones and sat for about an hour. Fortunately, the last group came to the right before I was ready to go. My hands and feethad change color. I feel tired and begin to be more stressed about my current condition, inevitably making things worse. Rather than staying with everyone on a trip down, I ran desperately to the warm water that sat at my tent. The last 400 meters of contemporaries was definitely a little hard for me since I felt the lack of feeling in my feet made me wobble. Like a penguin When I reached the tent, I kicked my wet clothes off my baseball boots and climbed into my sleeping bag with a heat sink to warm up. I feel awkward during the rest of the night and I can not thank my partner enough to have enough body heat to pass the night.


The next morning was cold as well. I slipped my Gortex boots and went up to the mountain. My feet are numb from going. I feel very painful and stressful.