Traveling in “Nan” hip, coffee, watching the stars, lying tent.

I do not think so.
I do not know what to do with you. Is there a fascinating charm to it? This is the first time I have ever seen this movie. Because of Nan Province, Moo Hao has all the flavors that are not lost in other provinces, but that would be where it is. Come on, let’s go!

Day 1
Landing plane to Nan Nan Airport Or simply called “Nan Airport”, then travel to the first coordinates. Art Gallery of Nan The attraction of the commitment of Mr. Winai Khabrip Nan artists. Want to create your own homeland as a truly artistic city with hospitable studios. And gallery building This is a 2 storey building with a total area of ​​13 rai. Open every Wednesday – Sunday. And public holidays
Within the Nan Rim Gallery, this collection of artwork by contemporary Thai artists with creative works. And the unique style is unique. By organizing annual exhibitions in semi-permanent format. There are about 200 works of sculpture and sculpture.
Art Gallery of Nan
Address: 122 Moo 2, Nan-Tung Chang Road, Tambon Bo, Amphoe Mueang, Nan
Phone: 054798046, 0819892912
Open to visitors every Wednesday – Sunday. And the public day at 10.00-17.30.

Then continue for about half an hour. To pay homage to the sacred blessings. Wat Phra That Khao Noi The relics are located on the top of the mountain on the west side of Nan town. It is an important and ancient place. The pagoda is made of brick. Blending Burmese and Lanna arts It is assumed that they are close to the dry relics.
The front of the naga 303 steps on the top of the hill overlooking the city of Nan and dry relics are clearly. And with this temple located on the high mountain, it becomes one of the beautiful views of the north.
Wat Phra That Khao Noi
Address: Baan Khao Noi, Tambon Nam Du, Amphoe Mueang Nan, Nan

View my complete profile Good luck! Nan coffee shop hidden in the Soi. Atmosphere with little trees. Corner angle is divided into 2 floors, can sit comfortably in front of the river in front.
During lunch time here is a chill cafe. Take a wooden stroll. In the evening, you will have a small party atmosphere. The menu is mostly homemade. And drinks that are available to enjoy the taste is not at all.
Address: 110 Moo 2, Saeng Dao Road, Nan, Mae Rim, Nan
Open daily from 08:30 to 23:00.
Phone: 0869956545

Eat, start to sleep. The night before the break, check in at the cliff. Sleeping bags, sleeping bags, sleeping pillows, and tents. If you come in the winter, you can see the mist from the cliff. And when the fog fades. You will see the winding river at the end of the forest.
Address: Si Nan National Park, Na Noi, Nan
Phone: 054521127

Day 2
The new day near the same cliff is about 4 kilometers to Doi always stars. Another place to watch the sunrise in the morning in the beautiful mist. Located in the National Park. The area is ruled by a ridge. Can tent To see the stars to watch the sea. And on the mountain is cool weather throughout the year.
For those who are going to this period. The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department has ordered the closure of tourist attractions and overnight stays. In Sri Nan National Park (Lan Lan Camping Area, Doi Chang Dao and Pha Hua Sing) from March 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, so that tourist attractions and nature recover. Visitors can also visit the normal time in the office hours from 06:00 to 16:30.
For reservations, please call 0988032872 or reserve your villa at
For a tent Doi Tung and Pha Sing Hua The tent will open again on October 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019.

That’s the end of the trip. Nam Nao Noi (Hug Jom) and Tigers It is not a place to visit. Located on the west side of Sri Nan National Park. The shape is a pillar of strange shape similar to “ghost town goat” in Phrae Province. The sediment from the sediment slides up from the surface. It is assumed that the soil is about 30,000-10,000 years old ever.
Nam Nao Noi (Hug Jom) and Tigers
Location: Chiang Mai
Open daily from 07:00 to 17:00.
Phone: 05452 1127

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