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Tour Guide Khao Kho The contractor up PhuBubb PhuPabPub Phu Hin Ronglang Phu Phlom car up the cliffs hidden glass.
Two cars up Khao Kho. The second bus to Phu Kradui by tour team Khaokho.
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Khao Kho Phetchabun Tour Review – Winter Tour Team Khaokho (Khun Prasarn)

“Travel the sea in the rainy season” Mist overflowing rainforest in the wild, lush green forest, cool weather.
The Khao Kho and Phu Tup Lap is a beautiful scene. People do not know that. Rain is a period.
Fog View Profile What is the rain? I will be fascinated. Natural touch
Traveling In Khao Kho, Phetchabun and Phu Hin Rong Kla. For those who do not bring a private car. Service is required.
Minibus in area We have a different point of travel. In this program to read and see the atmosphere here.
Phu Tupab is the highest peak in Phetchabun Province, with an elevation of 1,768 meters above sea level.
Most of Phetchabun Fresh air. Cold weather throughout the year. Includes step-by-step farming career.
At the foot of the hill in the late winter. The cabbage farm on two sides to the beautiful backpack.
At this point, the viewpoint is a temperature tower. A courtyard for tourists to take a photo. This point is the highest point of the bottom here.
It is a tent camping. Of Phuppipat Enterprises Both houses and tents.
Shooting point on the deck of the room. It’s a panoramic view. And see the sea clearly. Rim Pae Resort
2. Khao Takiab Cabbage Farm One of Thailand. Because of the mountainous terrain. And with air.
Cold all year It is suitable for growing cabbage. The cabbage at Phu Tup Lap will be shipped nationwide. Recommended dishes are “Stir Fried Cabbage with Fish Sauce”
In addition, cabbage is also available. Green cabbage Everyone has eaten at the pork pan. The vegetables are fried and boiled.
I do not know. Here too, planted as much. With cabbage farm
3. View point of the sky only. High Hill is located on the edge of the cliffs. On the main road before Phetchabue.
Here is a 360 degree view overlooking the sea. And another beautiful sunset. If the sky is clear.
It can see the temple of Pha Kae. And wind turbine field far.
The blue sky point just below the ground to have a different viewpoints. Let’s take a picture with each other, we can see the way.
The fog is almost everywhere. The fog in the morning will be blown throughout the day, some days to faint. Because of fog.
This is the place to see the curve of the road number 3 is a parking spot with a gazebo.
4. Phu Pha Tup Dam It is a place to practice meditation. The villagers built a building in 1991.
The area of ​​the temple is covered with forest and the atmosphere is cold throughout the year. And it is a place.
It is a place to receive the blue water to take up the King of the Buddha to make water Buddha.
The Great Anniversary of HM the King’s 6th Birthday Anniversary in 1999
5. Strawberries (December – February) In the rainy season there are not many strawberries for sale, but the review.
For those who come in the winter. It will have strawberries to keep the price 300-400 baht a very large and sweet.
Fresh from the farm. Between two ways On the way to Phetchabun will have strawberry plantation all the way to it.
The 80’s sweet and fragrant crispy selection of red balls, it is sweet, juicy, dark green, small, green, still raw to leave.
Walking in the groove is careful. With me I’m going to step on the garden.
6. Phu Pha Rong, the highest point of view in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. If you come to Phetchabun will have to pass.
Phu Pan horse course. Here is a sunrise view point. The sunset is clear. Surrounded by scenic views.
Impressed by morning mist during the rainy season and winter.
The 2nd day
Traveling in Khao Kho District There are many attractions.
1. Phra That Pha Pha Kaew The place is a beautiful landscape. This is called a hidden rock.
The mountain is high. Nestled in the mountains around the pavilion. And on the top of the tower there is a cave.
On the tip of the hill And the Buddhist temple located in the area surrounded by the so-called “Buddha Dharma hidden cliffs”
To auspicious to the villagers on the red. And the followers of the practice.
2. Coffee Shop Pino Latte Resort & Café is located on 12th Street, next to PT Station.
Then go to the alley, then drive up to him. Almost at the end of the street, you will see a coffee shop located far away.
On the other side, you will see Wat Phra That Pha Kae. It is a very good coffee.
3. Khao Kho Windmill Field Drive to the wind turbine. Hilltribe crops Take a scenic view of Staubury Park.
It features a restaurant, a restaurant, a restaurant and a car service.
During this time, purple flowers on Verkhoy village were blooming beautifully at Khao Kho windmill field. Important fields of flowers in Verbena.
It is a rare winter flower in Thailand. This rainy season keeps your bag out of the air for a fresh, natural sensation.
He’s better than me. Watch the atmosphere to describe the field of flowers, flowers and flowers in beautiful scenery.
The power in life offline.
4. Khao Kho Post Office It is one of the most popular scenic spots on Khao Kho. The angle is visible.
The beautiful winter morning mist. And the surrounding area also has a photo walk. The Strawberry Park The bottom can walk.
Have a nice photo and have a shop. Service is on the side.
During the festive season at the Khao Kho post office. It is quite bustier than other sea view fog. It became a gathering place with tourists.
Dense, there are little food shops, clothing stores. Many souvenir shops in this area. The convenience store is also nearby.
And near the Golden Jubilee. Another important tourist attraction of Khao Kho. The view point Khao Kho attractive.
One of the most pleasant spots.
5. He Taki Ngop Located in Tambon Nong Mae Na Khao Kho, Phetchabun. The most beautiful viewpoint.
Another place on Khao Kho where you can watch the 360 ​​degree fog in the sunrise with the sunrise in the morning.
From the scenic point of Khao Takian Ngorng, overlooking the beautiful mountain in front of his grandfather, his grandmother shaped like a volcano Fuji.
Include the forest of Khao Kho and the road stretching to the view point below.
Khao Takian Located along the highway 2258 from the intersection Ruenrudee (Sappo Pong), drive to Pratumnak Hill, Khao Kho to Thung Salaeng Luang.
Important on Khao Takian can bring up the car.
If anyone wants to rent a tent that is misty on him, he would have to be. Here he has a private tent. Or maybe a tent.
Prepare food for yourself. Bathrooms and showers are available. On the shelter. No restaurant But morning is selling coffee mama.
6. Watch the sunrise and see the mist as beautiful as the dream to the temple is very beautiful.
Have not seen the sea in the rainy season. There will be time to visit each other. I have to go with it. But guarantee that.
If you come to see the fog. I must be stunned in the course. Because the image is not in front of anything with a dream image for the people.
I want to see the beauty of the fog ridiculous this morning should come together since six o’clock, it will be very good.
Scenic view of the temple. Located near the International Library. Along the way up to visit Khao Kho Memorial. Route 2196 is the point.
See the mist in the east. Along with the orange light of the sun. The fog in this point is quite difficult. Must have in the day
Cold and no wind, but only when the sea is foggy and beautiful. The fog is in the middle of the hill.
The complex is high with a large tree as the front. And painted with orange light of the sun. The backdrop is a large orange sun.
Mist in the temple is often found in the late winter rain. In the absence of wind.

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