Joint Adventure

Wake up to the sunrise – Bagan, Burma (Completed in February 2017)
Lost in New Town – Jiufen, Taiwan (Completed in February 2017)
Stop Bus – Busan, South Korea (Completed June 2017)
Try something new – Taipei, Taiwan (completed January 2017)
Unplugged for 24 hours – Halong Bay, Vietnam (Completed May 2017)
This year I hope at least 7 out of 10 of my decisions are out!

The word will live in the year. 2561
“Today I choose happiness” in my life every year, ending in number “8” is a very good year for me, which is why this year’s mantra is about positivity, joy and happiness. For those who know about struggling with my anxiety, I choose to be happy each day. 2017 is the year of recognition, recognition, and awareness of weakness. I remind myself softly that “I can do anything. But not everything.

2018 Adventure Solving

This is the answer to the adventure of the year. 2561!
2018 Next Adventure Resolution Somewhere

Being a counting country and its pride – hitting fifty countries is a huuuuuge step for me, and one I’ve been eyeing since 2014. Four years later, the ticket was acquired. I will check off this goal in Lithuania. Of all places! One thing I have read about Lithuanians is that they are fond of air and Vilnius is one of the largest capitals in the world where you can fly hot air balloons over the city. The reason is since Lithuania has the highest population in hot air balloon per citizen. If you are curious, this unique sightseeing experience starts at US $ 150. Get over the old town for over an hour.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
When: April 2018

Credit to Russia Tour
Little things: Lithuanian book traders are regarded as heroes. Credit to Russia Tour

2. SWING by the Golden Gate
From the spots in the United States, a single swing overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most accepted. The smallest corner of the world is Kirby Cove, and while not the only swing near the Golden Gate Bridge Most Popular Traveling there is more climbing up and downstream, so it’s not the easiest place to get. But the shot makes the hike worth it!

Location: San Francisco, California, United States
On: February 2018

2018 Adventures of Frida Kahlo Museum
Kirby Cove swing set is not a swing. But the most popular! Credit Katie St John Blog

Tapas are so popular in Spain that they have real verbs for tapaer activities, which means “go to tapas” before heading to Spain. I think tapas means just serving small. It is surprising that Tapas is a kind person, nibbles from montados (canapes) to revueltos (raspberries) to raciones (small portions of large entrees) and conservas (food preserved in cans). 1/5/18: I’m hardcore “tapeo-d” around Barcelona, ​​all thanks to my lovely employer who rents the Mercat Princesa restaurant for a colleague. Me and me on the go. Our job is to allow us to try an infinite number of tapas for free. Needless to say, I have left Spain a little soft around the edges. But glad to understand the art of tapaer.

Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain
When: January 2018

2018 Explanation of the Tapas Crawl Spain Adventure
Tapas is a bite-sized food of Spanish cuisine. Credit Telegraph UK

4. Move to BEAT of FLAMENCO
When I think of Spain, I think of flamenco, dance and paella, and my two priorities in Madrid are: 1) Learn the secrets to making Paella and 2) Watch the Flamenco show. Flamenco is a four part production consisting of baile (dancing) , toque (guitar), cante (singing) and palmas (handclapping). There are also a lot of handshakes and cheers that happen. 1/6/18: My friend Madrileno. Tickets for me to Teatro Madrid are in the Malasana district, where You come early enough, you get to sit in the front of this small theate.

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