Salang Temple

Another important temple of the people of the city until now. Is a temple built in the Dvaravati period During the reign of Cham Cham Devi Slang comes from “Salaeng” flowers, which the city people brought to the Lord Buddha in the era. At this temple there are many Lanna architecture, including the Phra That Ubosot, Salung Luang Bell Tower.
Salang Temple, a temple that is very old Since the Dvaravati period and has become an abandoned temple for many eras Which used to be an abandoned temple for almost 300 years. Currently, the temple is divided into old Buddhist shrines and new Buddhas Architectural styles within the temple, both the Ubosot and the temple With characteristics of applied Lanna art The temple area has many archaeological relics and artifacts. And established “Museum of Salang Temple” Krueng Chiang Ruen, the ancient treasure of Lanna. Is a place to store antiques from the Dvaravati period to the late Ayutthaya period

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